Context of Business Entities


Customer, Partner, Competitor, Lead, Opportunity, Sales Order ...

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Portfolio, Site, Asset/Thing, Sensor, Check List, Knowledge ...

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Product, Feature, Release, Knowledge ...

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User, Responsibility, Job, Training ...

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step 1: manage entities

Manage Entity, UI and Data

The entities are used to model and manage business data in the platform. There are pre-defined entities such as Customer, Partner, Product, Asset, User and many more that you can use and customize. As professional users, you can also create your own entities.

  • Define the form, list and page of the entity
  • Submit and manage data on the mobile app
  • Submit and manage data on the web app
  • Integrate data in different systems through web APIs

Manage Events

Events are triggered by various activities that you want to track or response to. Events can come from user activies on your apps, changes to the data, sensor, API calls from 3rd party applications or scheduled queries.

  • Define the events with dynamic metadata
  • Manage triggers and integrations
  • Plug and play sample codes, add-ons and pre-build features
STEP 3: Manage Actions

Manage Actions

Actions are triggered after an event goes through the workflows/processing procdures. The actions below are supported by our platform

  • SMS, Email and In-app notifications
  • Realtile messaging system that supports MQTT, AMQP, STOMP ...
  • Realtile messaging system that supports Websocks or Http
  • Call to any web API
  • Webhook
  • Phone call
  • Custom solutions

Manage Processors

Using the predefined algorithms, data graph and AI system that is based on reinforcement learning, processors will analyze the event with the contextual data involved and trigger right actions with right content.

  • Query and algorithms on contextual metadata
  • Analyze relationships on the graph data
  • Provide accurate personalization and recommendation by using RL (reinforcement learning) based AI
step 1: manage entities

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